CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala
CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala
CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala
CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala
CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala

CHABKA by Meriem Bouderbala

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Materials: The palm tree, a fertile and generous tree, has small tender leaves close to the heart, suitable for weaving. The women braid them while still green, taking great care not to expose them to the sun, which would turn them brown. They make long narrow strips of it that the men then assemble into mats or baskets.

 Designer : Meriem Bouderbala

Master Craftsman: Azzouz

Size: 200 cm / Special sizes are available to the extent that it is possible.

Care: To clean, wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth.


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feminine art

inspired by "feminine art"  understood as a new expression of the female condition in the Arab world. Combining painting and  photography

vegetable fibers

In Tunisia, I draw inspiration from its raw materials - earth, stone, fiber, bark, wool, wood - to re-enchant my disenchantment and introduce it into the home. To ensure my heritage endures, I collaborate with the artisans of La Fibre Artisanale, who draw on ancestral techniques while adapting to today's essential needs: Living better, simply, sustainably, and luxuriously Maintaining a connection with nature through vernacular culture Transforming everyday objects into works of art.

The idea of the circular lace-like woven reed mat immediately reminded me of early cartographies and astrolabes, a scientific heritage I wanted to blend with this earthy rug. I added gold-painted islands. My randomly fixed ceramics punctuate the piece with epic adventures, which each client can reinvent like an imaginary Odyssey.


Pieces of art

The CHABKA Wall Deco Rug The CHABKA wall deco rug is an eco-friendly spider web mat made from natural palm fibers.It offers a unique combination of style and durability. The spider web shape adds a creative touch to any room, while the palm fiber provides long-lasting resistance to stains and wear. Naturally Hypoallergenic and Easy to Maintain Palm fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Additionally, palm fiber mats are often easier to maintain than wool or cotton mats, making them a practical choice for busy households. Versatile Style and Sizes Available in a variety of sizes to fit any interior design style, CHABKA rugs are ideal for those seeking a stylish and durable mat that is also environmentally friendly. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and even hung on the wall as a decorative element. Handcrafted with Care Made from the palm tree, a fertile and generous tree, the CHABKA rug utilizes the tender leaves near the heart, suitable for weaving. Women braid them while still green, taking great care to protect them from the sun. These long, narrow strips are then assembled into mats or baskets by skilled craftsmen like Azzouz.Dimensions and Care The standard size is 200 cm, but special sizes are available upon request. To clean, simply wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth.



"The Asfour mat depicting a bird and its shadow perfectly matched the spirit of my terrace. I'm very happy with it!" @samsamts

Samia Seidensticker
Berlin, Germany

"I collaborated with La fibre artisanale by displaying its products in my shop. They matched perfectly with the universe of my shop and were really appreciated by my customers." @nathaliegarcon.mode

Nathalie Garçon
Paris, France

The cushions with embroidered patterns have added a unique aspect to my living room. Thanks To La fibre artisanale! @Heladamak

Hela Bovet
Paris, France