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« La Fibre Artisanale » is a Tunisian brand that honors the ancestral know how of our craftswomen and craftsmen in the Tunisian regions.
It offers a trip to the traditional handcrafts by proposing contemporary items adapted to today’s usage.
Created by Tunisian designers as well as engaged and talented artists, the items of “La Fibre Artisanale” are part of a desire to promote a Tunisian cultural heritage, open to the world and which revisits the expressions of its cultural heritage.

OUr History

It is above all a story of Tunisian women

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The result of the collaboration between three Tunisian women: Samia Cherif, Memia Taktak and Azza Meknini, committed to the cause of women and the preservation of an ancestral craft know-how. These women have registered their name in different fields.
Samia Cherif, co-founder of La Fibre Artisanale, is a woman entrepreneur who has always been involved in civil society. Daughter of a diplomat, her wish has always been to highlight the beauty of her country, the strength of its women and men, its rich and varied cultures that make her country an exception in the region today. Having traveled all her life, she has a sharp eye for trends and cultures of the world.

For this adventure, she joined forces with two other talented women, designers who share the same motivation :
Memia Taktak and Azza Mekneni, who head one of the most prestigious design agencies in Tunisia, DZETA, and who has received more than one international recognition.

This trio of skills has come together with the ambition to bring internationally the image of a line of eco-responsible products whose design is refined and innovative. A range of products that can be addressed to a wide audience worldwide, eager to participate in this chain of virtuous values.






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We believe that knowledge and talent should be shared.
Our collections are for the most part made by talented artists and designers.

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