A women story

Fell in love with Fibers

Meriem Bouderbala

The artist Meriem Bouderbala was born in 1960 in Tunis.

Meriem Bouderbala studied at the School of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence from 1980 to 1985 and graduated in engraving and painting in 1985. She then studied in the engraving department of Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

Her work is both representative of the current generation of contemporary Maghrebian art and a "female art" understood as a new expression of the female condition in the Arab world.

She is distinguished by a creative audacity that has not failed to attract the attention of art critics. Playing for example with the Thousand and One Nights, Meriem Bouderbala (who does not hesitate to confront her own image with her creative universe), introduces a dynamic questioning of Orientalism.

The fantasies of this current on the oriental woman are the subject of a subtle detour of meaning. Acknowledging their fascination, Meriem Bouderbala submits them to the temporal shift and derision of her gaze. Sometimes using photography, she produces her paintings on various supports (canvas, paper, glass, fabrics) and enriches her colors with sand or iron filings, giving them reliefs that are both sensual and dramatic. The constant renewal of her creations reveals a continuous personal approach.

Meriem Bouderbala has participated in over twenty exhibitions. She has exhibited in four solo shows and ten group shows. Meriem Bouderbala has also participated in three art fairs and three biennials.


We believe that the Tunisian handicrafts are all millennia-old trades with unique know-how that have been able to resist and adapt to all the changes in our society.


We believe in innovation as a means to achieve new ideas, objects, shapes and textures.


We believe that vegetable fibers constitute today a rich and varied heritage: from the Alfa produced in Kasserine, the Smar produced in Nabeul, the Zaaf produced in Gabes, the palm wood produced in Tozeur, Tunisia abounds in different natural fibers, source of inspiration for our products.

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