Social impact

Investing In Sustainable Future.

“La Fibre Artisanale” contributes to the development of an equitable commerce, to a social and solidary economy while respecting the environment and to the sustainability of the local handicraft.

Made with passion & love.

In addition to being decorative or utilitarian objects, these products carry meaning and emotion. They are the result of meticulous work, often done by hand, which requires great expertise and patience. Each product is the result of a complex creative process, which includes the selection of materials, the choice of colors and patterns, the design and the realization.

In total respect of nature.

For north to south, from the cap bon, the territory of “rods/rush” or “smar” to that of Gabes where the leaves of palm trees or “Zhaf” reigns, passing through the layers of “halfa” of Kasserine or Sidi Bouzid, it’s a complementary and a common handcraft that we must do, where each of its shadow workers has its place and its role.

Products With Story

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Created by artisans who perpetuate traditional techniques and skills handed down from generation to generation.

Each product is unique and has its own story, reflecting the traditions, cultures and experiences of the artisan who created it.

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